The concept of the project is a reaction to our impetus relationship with photography; by putting a camera between us in the world, we sometimes take ourselves away from the moment. In this work, my aim was to use photography in a way that forced me to spend time with the photographs and consider the moments they represent, while being in the moment with the work. The work is completely handmade; the fabric is hand-dyed, the photos transferred to the fabric by wooden spoon, the piece stitched, and the photos shot with 35mm film.

Coda, meaning “an ending”, and Proem, “a beginning, or preamble” in combination represents how each moment ends, yet leads to the next, and there is always an overlap. Additionally, this represents the ending of my college experience, and the beginning of the next chapter. 

The project has two parts:

The piece: a large format applique wall-hanging with a series of photographs in combination with overlapping circular symbols.

The participatory event: An event where students arrange the photographs on to foam core in different layouts in order to enter 
the work, spend time interacting with the photography, and consider possible narratives that could emerge from the work through the cinematic nature of the composition.
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