My Story

For me, the act of creating something is more a calling than anything else. It’s an itch that needs to be scratched. Sometimes, creating something is a way to stop thinking, sometimes it’s a way to think. Regardless, it feels natural, like paddling downstream. One thing I’ve learned is that through the practice of creating, your exposure to the world expands, and in turn your perspective expands. Therein, is the value of learning and practice: that we develop an understanding through perspective that is ever growing and changing. For me, design is where that understanding goes. It is in pursuit of this greater understanding of the world that compels me to keep designing, as it helps me process and apply my perspective in the form of a visual language. Furthermore, design delivers meaning into the world, and has the capacity to connect people. This idea of bringing people together and leaving a positive mark has a lot of allure to me and is certainly another compelling aspect of design. The process is truly a joy, and usually takes a great deal of focused time. When working on a design, I try to take all angles before bringing it to fruition; supposing other approaches and perspectives, sometimes cutting away at a design or redirecting it until it starts to reveal itself. It’s easy to cling to an idea, even if it won’t go the distance. As creators I think we desire a sense of agency and authorship, and when we get a design really rockin', its “greatness” echoes in our head, until we realize it doesn’t work. So it’s important to include many different perspectives within the process, as it helps sharpen our sense of what the design needs. Above all, design is a process of discovery and a way of thinking that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, ever expanding, ever growing.